Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Review of iRobot Roomba® 530

Originally submitted at iRobot

The Roomba 530 features our newest innovations in vacuum performance, room navigation, edge and corner cleaning, advanced anti-tangle technology and transitioning from carpets to hard floors.

  • Covers up to 3 rooms on a single battery charge*
  • Compact, self-charging Home Base®
  • ...

Pick up your things, but you'll love it

By M. J. Miller from San Jose, CA on 2/21/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Deep Cleaning Ability, Hassle Free Operation, Cleans Effectively, Kids love it, Covers Entire Room, Pet Friendly, Won't fall down stairs, Cleans Under Furniture

Cons: Stringy wire gets caught, Frequent Maintenance, Inefficient vacuum method, Hard to clean, Does Not Clean Stairs

Best Uses: Tile Floors, Carpeted Rooms, Hardwood Floors, Small Rooms, High Traffic Rooms

Describe Yourself: Pet Owner, College student, Homeowner, Busy household

My Robot's Name: Mo

Very rarely gets stuck.

Can set it loose to do a room and come back later to move it.

Can even navigate around chair legs even when all the chairs are pushed in under the dining room table.

When there's something wrong, it literally says so with a human voice and tells you how to correct the problem.

Pet hair and dust gets wound around the ends of the spokes for the brush and sweeper, difficult to clean.

If it were just a bit more methodical about how it vacuums, it would complete a room faster with more battery life left for additional rooms.


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