Monday, February 8, 2010

Feed only my pet

I've got two cats. One eats store-bought food. He's a healthy eater, lean, and strong. The other has a weight problem. She's very rolly-polly, and eats in her spare time (which is almost all the time) so the vet put her on a special, low-calerie diet. The food costs an arm and a leg. 'course, both cats eat each others' food.

Then I was talking to someone who said they have a problem with raccoons coming in the dog door at night and eating the food.

What to do?

I've got an idea: when the pet bends down to eat, their pet license hits the side of the dish, right? Add a small RFID chip and when the right animal bends over, a door in the top of the dish opens that allows them access. No chip, no access. Wrong pet, no access.

If you think it's a good idea, help me bring it to market. This week, Quirky will bring to market somebody's idea for a new product. They do it every week. Trouble is, lots of ideas are submitted, and they'll only do the one that earns the highest number of votes. There are 28 other ideas this week.

Click here: to vote (I call it the "Petsecure Food Dish," to be renamed by Quirky voters if it wins).

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  1. The voting link is to page 2 of the nominated products where I originally found my product posted, but I've heard it's in random order, so be sure to check page 1 if you don't see it there!